Norcross, GA

Project Overview

The main goal for the VBS is to provide opportunities to develop new contacts, or strengthen contacts we already have in the community. Norcross is a suburb of Atlanta, with a Hispanic population close to 50%, mostly first generation, blue-collar immigrants.

We expect up to 40 children:

  • Hispanic Americans, who speak English

  • Upper elementary school students (9-11 year olds)

  • Main need : academic skills

Construction Projects options:

  1. Sanctuary main stage

  2. Small stage for Children’s Ministry Area

  3. Mobile panels / room dividers for main foyer

Any of these projects can be accomplished without high level of expertise / special tools: There is a Lowe’s three blocks from our building. If necessary, tools could be rented there.

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Ministry Context

The USA is the second largest Spanish speaking county in the world. Hispanic Churches and missions across the country are in need of assistance in fulfilling their vision for ministry and reach out to their communities.  Esperanza short term mission trips are designed to provide teams with meaningful opportunities to work with local churches to bring esperanza (hope) to the largest minority in our land.


Norcross is strategically located between white-collar and blue-collar areas. Doraville (south of Norcross) is the place where many of the new immigrants first arrive in the Atlanta metro area. As they get more and more stable, they tend to move northward. It is in places like Duluth, Lawrenceville, or Suwanee where many members of our target group conduct their business activities.

There is also a renewed effort to make Norcross more attractive to families, business, and visitors in general. Part of this effort is focused on events and activities that can enrich the family life in the city. Another area of emphasis is education, with a strong desire of the local school district to make its school excel at all levels possible.

Driving around the city, and surrounding areas, one can notice a strong multi-ethnic presence, which provides a beautiful opportunity to see God’s grace working in many different contexts, bringing together people from different nations.

This focus on family life and education, and the multi-ethnicity of the city resonate tremendously with Christos Community Church vision.


To see, enjoy, and share the glory of Christ in diversity. This is the permanent desire for all of our ministries. It is the driving force behind everything we do. This vision will be implemented in different ways, at different times during the life of our church.


Grace. As a vital component in the establishment of connecting points into all human societies, grace will allow our church to engage different cultures, as we become an instrument of God’s transformation of those cultures.

Community. A deep sense of community, a strong sense of belonging is not only desirable, but it is also a reality possible by the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are now united to him, at the same time that we are part of his body. As believers, we belong to Christ and to his church. Two of the main ways we will seek to build community are service involvement, and leadership development.

Gospel. A passion to share God’s message of justice and salvation will motivate all of our ministries. An uncompromised proclamation of the  gospel of Jesus Christ, with all its implications and consequences,  will be the norm in our church.

The Lordship of Jesus Christ. There is no real separation between what is secular and what is sacred. Every act in life is a religious act, and Jesus is Lord over each one of those acts, as well as their motivations. This truth should be evident in the daily life of all believers.

Spiritual growth. A real encounter with God will never leave a person the same. There is always a clear evidence of that encounter, even down to the details of daily life. And after that encounter, it is natural to expect evidence of spiritual growth, which is the result of the work of the Holy Spirit. An evidence of this work is the engagement of the believer in the daily practice of spiritual disciplines, such as the study of God’s word, prayer, God honoring stewardship, and service toward others.


We can host a team of up to 15 individuals. The team will sleep at the church and shower at members homes. If needed, we can help teams look for other lodging options close to the area.


Food will be prepared by volunteers from the church. The team should designate two volunteers to assist the volunteers during meal times.

  • Breakfast: Continental style in the church

  • Lunch: Made at breakfast and carried to the work sites by the volunteer teams

  • Dinner: Buffet style in the main dining area


Christos Community Church does not provide transportation for teams. The use of vans is encouraged.


The cost to participate is $200 per individual (including leaders). The fees are for the sole purpose of covering costs for the ministry or church with whom you are serving; MNA receives no income or financial benefit from the fees paid.

The fee covers:

  • Lodging from Saturday night through the following Saturday morning

  • Meals and meal preparation from Sunday morning through Friday morning

This fee does NOT cover:

  • Transportation costs

  • Any medical/emergency costs

  • Any ministry materials for VBS

  • Any construction costs

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