MNA ShortTerm exists to connect God's people to God's work through short-term engagement opportunities and long-term partnerships

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Connecting God's people

to God's work

By promoting short-term opportunities, MNA ShortTerm serves as a kind of air traffic controller for short-term missions, matching missions interest with ministry opportunities throughout the United States and Canada. Because we embrace the reality of God’s presence in every community through fellow image bearers, we seek to promote opportunities as collaborative relationships. This means that rather than coming as people who have all of the answers and resources, we may enter a cross-cultural community as equals, seeking to learn, fellowship, and provide encouragement, along with whatever physical acts of service are requested. 


Through short-term

engagement opportunities

MNA ShortTerm helps God’s people find their place in God’s work by promoting opportunities that are high impact, cross-cultural, flexible, convenient, and affordable. Through short-term trips, long-term partnerships, seasonal internships, or Second Career opportunities, God's people can get connected for one day to one year or longer.  


Long-term partnerships

Long-term partnerships occur when there is a mutual agreement to walk together beyond a single visit, to move from trips to tables. Tables represent not only restored relationships, they represent a deeper commitment and engagement in activities such as prayer, worship, financial support and regular visits. As Steve Corbett and Brian Fickkert attest, "Long-term partnerships, when done well, can lead to sustained change on both sides of the equation." (Helping Without Hurting in Short-Term Missions).