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MNA ShortTerm exists to mobilize and equip the Church to participate in the restoration of creation, through the declaration and demonstration of the love of God that is shown to us in Christ Jesus.

In Revelation 21:5 Jesus announces, “Behold, I am making all things new.” He’s talking about the ministry of the church, the cosmic vision of God’s purpose in this world. In Jesus, God will transform the world so that it will reflect His glory. MNA ShortTerm exists to mobilize and equip the church to participate in this restoration of creation through the declaration and demonstration of the love of God shown to us in Christ Jesus.

When people think of domestic short-term missions, they typically think of church groups traveling to rural or urban communities to build wheelchair ramps, paint houses, and host  Vacation Bible Schools. Fact Checkers rate this answer, “Somewhat True.” 


In his book, “Tangible,” Chris Sicks explains how God uses the Church to display His glory through deeds of mercy and words of truth. He writes, “The invisible God continues to reveal Himself to people. When God’s children pour out love and compassion into the lives of hurting and broken people, we declare, “Yes, There is a God! Despite all the data to the contrary in this broken world, there really is a Rescuer in Heaven, and He cares about your suffering, your sadness, and your soul.”


Love, when incarnated in tangible acts of service and accompanied by the Word of Truth, is an unassailable apologetic for the Gospel. God uses hammers and saws to remove obstacles and build relational bridges to the gospel. People who are being renewed, bring the hope of renewal to the least, the lost, and the hopeless. It’s the light and love of Jesus piercing the darkness of sorrow and suffering. But it is also for the one who serves. That's because all are in need. There are no superheroes.  Therefore, our Heavenly Father calls us to walk together as needy recipients of His mercy and love.

Our God is making all things new. One of the most amazing things is that He calls us to participate with Him in this work. It's stunning if you think about it, that He would use us and that in using us, we would be changed.


If you are curious about the work of MNA ShortTerm, and how you might participate with God is this particular area of restoration, please contact us. We are here to help you find the right fit so that you might be mobilized and equipped to participate with God in the renewal of all things, the restoration of creation.

To find out more, please click the link above. We look forward to hearing from you! But before you do, please check out what people are saying about participation with short-term missions. You can read their comments below!

Curt Moore

MNA ShorTerm 


I was talking to somebody this past week about serving with a short-term ministry. They said, ‘Well, we're weird, and we're unqualified.’ I said, Great, you fit in the genealogy of Jesus. In fact,  I think the weird and unqualified are the kind of people who are going to make the most impact because they’re not worried about their agenda., they’re just worried about touching people's lives. It’s not about repairing a sink. It's not about fixing a floor or roof. It's about loving on people and showing them the love of Jesus.”

Sarah Butler, Mendenhall, MS

Martin Luther said, “God does not need your good works but your neighbor does.”  That's what Jesus says in Matthew 5:16; that our good works are salt and light, and we're to let that light so shine before men, that they see those good works and then, the absolutely amazing thing is, our Father in Heaven is glorified.  And I think that verse captures the essence of what it is to be a believer, to be a person who reveals the character nature of God through how we treat others. And when we learn to do that, in a way that is not to build ourselves up, but to seriously honor serving others, then God is glorified and people see that. So through word and deed ministry people come to know Jesus and God is glorified.

Doug Mallow, Director of Impact WV

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