through short-term service opportunities and long-term partnerships. 

Jeb Bland

Jeb Bland is a missionary with Mission to North America, Presbyterian Church in America, directing their First Nation-Native American Ministry partnerships.


"We advocate for our First Neighbors, in urban, reservation and rural centers across the Continent. We seek reconciliation, honor and hope for Native Americans and First Nations people."- Jeb Bland

Sacred Road | Yakima, WA

The goal of Sacred Road Ministries is to be a unified and growing community of believers who have a passion for God, for each other, and for the lost, and who are prepared and equipped to serve the Lord by ministering in the community of Native America and the world. The Sacred Road team reaches out to the community through: Hope Fellowship church services; children's ministry, youth ministry; Kingdom Kids after-school program; a variety of acts of service and mercy; recruiting, hosting and organizing one week service teams...

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