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The MNA ShortTerm Internship Program is an opportunity to spend a Summer (or longer) serving in a cross-cultural context within the United States or Canada under the leadership of a local church or mercy ministry.


In addition to helping lead short-term ministry teams, Interns learn principles of community development, share their faith, explore their gifts and passions, and see God at work in ways that stretches and strengthens their faith. 

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"During my internship I had the opportunity to learn about serving the poor and needy in a cross-cultural urban ministry context. Each day I was able to meet people in the community, share the Gospel, and learn more about leadership. This was truly a unique opportunity that helped strengthen my faith and shape my view of urban ministry. It also helped me understand what it means to live daily for Christ. After witnessing God at work in Atlantic City, I know that I can take these lessons and hands-on experiences, to any community, in any context, anywhere because God is moving in every city."

- Hannah, An MNA Summer Intern



We understand there are many questions and considerations that lead to taking next steps toward applying for a Summer Internship. Our desire is to remove some of the mystery by providing answers to frequently asked questions. However, if you still have questions please feel free to contact us.

  • Application
    MNA does not charge administrative fees however there are costs which are determined by each ministry partner. Costs are associated with food, lodging, and materials.
  • Internship Details
    To begin the process, please fill out the Request for Partner Form.
  • Compensation
    Yes. Due to liability issues and the possibility of injury we require that every short-term missionary provide proof of insurance. If you do not have insurance you may purchase a temorary plan to cover you during your trip. You may purchase insurance for your trip at Seven Corners.
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