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Internship Description

Come, learn and experience foreign missions without having to learn a different language and leave North America. PCA Church Plant Amazing Grace Community Church in Lethbridge Alberta Canada is looking for two summer interns (male or female). Click here to learn more about Amazing Grace Community Church Lethbridge.


The interns will be under the care and guidance of Church Planters Rohan and Rebecca Crown. They will primarily be assisting in continuing to reach the city of Lethbridge. Under the Crown’s guidance they will learn first hand experience the process of reaching a city for the Gospel. This will include being discipled in hands on evangelism, engaging in Kingdom prayer for the city of Lethbridge, leading and organize two summer Sports Camps, following up and visiting contacts of those wanting to explore Christianity, and weekly being encouraged and mentored by Rohan and Rebecca. Depending on what gifts the interns and what the interns desire to do, there maybe different opportunities catered to the intern.

Lethbridge is an 1 1/2 from the Rockie Mountains and from some of the most amazing scenery in the world. There will be time where they will have the opportunity to explore this awesome part of the world.

Housing arrangements will include living in home and the intern will have to raise support to cover the cost of food and housing for the summer.

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