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The Florida Deacons Fellowship exists to serve the servants of the church by promoting greater cooperation among Deacons in Florida.



We are a group of (mostly) PCA deacons and pastors from a variety different churches who share the simple conviction that we need each other. The unhealthy tendency is for Deacons from different churches is to do their work in isolation, but far greater opportunity exists when Deacons work together. 


Accordingly, we want to encourage Deacons (beginning in Florida) to expand their horizons when it comes to creative collaboration for the sake of increased fruitfulness in the work of service to which God has called us.

By Faith February 2018 article

Presbytery Proposal

Practical Resources for Diaconates




We began in 2011 by gathering together for breakfast to fellowship, share, and pray for one another. At that time we were made up of deacons and elders from churches in Central Florida Presbytery. By the Spring of that year we began The FDF Big Event which became an annual event hosted at the campus of RTS-Orlando. We also began inviting churches throughout the state of Florida to participate. Each year we featured a speaker who had particular influence and experience with mercy initiates. They are as follows:

2011 Organizing for Disaster Response

Curt Moore- MNA Disaster Response

2012 Mandate and Model for Mercy Ministry

Mo Leverett- Founder Desire Street and Rebirth Ministries

2014 Connecting to Serve

Randy Nabors- New City Network

2015 Everyone's a Deacon

David Apple- Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

David is also the author of "Not just a Soup Kitchen" and "Neighborology."

Resources Available

2016 Not Weary in Doing Well

Chris Sicks- Alexandria Presbyterian Church and author of "Tangible"

2017 MNA Mercy Conference was hosted by The FDF in Orlando 

Audio Available

2018 When Helping Hurts

Steve Corbett- Chalmers Institute and co-author of "When Helping Hurts"

2019 The Need for Wisdom in Mercy Ministry

Dr. Carl Ellis and Dr. Greg Perry

Audio Available

2020 Practicing the King's Economy

Robbie Holt, co-author of Practicing the King's Economy

April 18, 10-11:30am Webinar

Modifying our original agenda, Robbie helped us consider creative ways to meet the needs of our members and neighbors as they struggle with COVID-19 needs; spiritual, financial, social, etc...

Audio Available

Webinar Video

In 2017 the Central Florida Presbytery established The Deacon's Committee as a permanent committee of presbytery.


CLICK HERE to email one of our team members. We would love to talk with you about starting an initiative in your church or presbytery.

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