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Dorado, Puerto Rico

We based our operations in Dorado, a city located in the northern part of Puerto Rico and well known for it's rapidly growth compared to others areas of the island. Real estate, tourism, small local businesses, construction and health care facilities are just a few areas where this city stands out. Nevertheless in Dorado there are many communities that have been squatters for the last 80 years lacking property titles, proper education, sound infrastructure, and experiencing high levels of unemployment, violence and social isolation. 


Our vision is to adopt this squatter communities for five years or more, walk alongside them to reach their full social, economic and educational development, and help them be part of the flourishing story of the city. Doing so we will fulfill our mission of restoring communities dignity through holistic empowerment. 

In other words, we want to incarnate the gospel. As Jesus spoke to the forgotten and acknowledged the oppressed in front of the crowds so will we do. Through meaningful relationships, building houses and improving the communities’ infrastructure, launching small businesses and trade schools, offering spiritual guidance and connecting them to faith communities we want to restore people’s dignity through the good news of Jesus Christ. In front of everyone, in the light of other communities and cities. 


Our vision might take fifteen years to be completed but every week that passes we are getting closer. That’s why your visit it’s so important to us. Your “one week contribution” is based on a long-term gospel centered commitment.


Lodging will take place at Villas del Golf in Dorado. This is a gated community 10 minutes away from La Hormiga. The house consists of 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen, rooftop area with kitchen, living room patio. The group will have access to a pool area. We will not have more than 3 persons per room and the house will be sanitized before and after every group of volunteers. Every room has AC units. 


Meals and snacks included in per person fee.


We coordinate transportation from the airport to the lodging place upon arrival and vice versa when departing. We will send a host from our staff to assist you from the moment you arrive, picking your group up from the airport and driving you to your lodging. At the end of your trip we will drive you to the airport for your departure.

Some volunteers will be required to drive Hunger Corp. vehicles during the trip. Mainly from the lodging place to the work site and vice versa (roughly 10 minutes). It’s important that the selected drivers are 21 years old or older and have a valid driver license with them at all times. 

Groups can use the vehicles to go to supermarket and pharmacies, visit restaurants or authorized travel to touristic areas (please seek out permission first). However, the vehicles have a zero alcohol (or any other drug), and zero smoking policy. 


$715.00. This includes transportation, meals, snacks, lodging, and construction materials for the duration of your trip. However this does not include airfare. Each team is responsible for working out their own airfare. 


For schedule and other details CLICK HERE

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