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Dundalk, MD

Welcome to Mission Baltimore!


Inverness Presbyterian Church is located in Dundalk, MD, a mission field community on the Port of Baltimore that overlaps into both Baltimore City and County. High levels of addiction, mental illness and broken families surround the Church. There are tens of thousands of people in our community lost and without hope. We’re a church in the midst of revitalization in need of more laborers for the harvest. We’re a Church and Community in need of your service and support!



Mission Baltimore is offering weekly Short Term Mission Trips through June and August with a potential Spring Break week trip (Date TBA). There are also weekend ministry trips available in the Spring and Fall. 


Trips will include reaching out in word and deed. There will be gospel ministry options with VBS, Summer Sports Camp for Kids, After School Sports/Bible Program, Outreach Events, ESL, Feeding Homeless, Community Evangelism and Neighborhood invites to Church.


We have light constructions projects for the Church renewing our building and a historic church building nearby. There are also outreach projects for needs for people in the community at their homes and apartment buildings that include light construction, cleaning and landscaping. 


We’ll look to match the evangelism and service to fit and challenge your team! Teams: High School (Upper MS considered), College, Family and more.


The Church has rooms set up with 20 Beds and bathrooms with showers for your stay on campus at the Church. Hotel options/additions are available if desired (A weekend team may prefer or greater number needed).


There will be a self-serve breakfast bar and lunch bar (or pack lunches from bar if offsite). Hot dinners will be provided at the Church or a restaurant if away on a fun day. Your mission team will have daily bathroom and kitchen duties for serving one another.  


Each day has personal and team devotion time scheduled for time with the Lord and one another. Historic Baltimore, DC, Gettysburg and more to visit too.


Each group is responsible for their own transportation.


Bring bedding for twin size bunkbeds. Other items needed are towels, toiletries, and outdoor clothing. 


Tools - you are welcome to bring your own tools. We are able to provide limited tools as well.


1 Week/Saturday to Saturday:  Avg. $200’s-400’s per person pending team size/project costs/planned fun day, this does not include transportation costs, we’ll seek to work out a workable budget with you as able


Weekend:  We’ll work out with each team pending project/team budget/desires


Pastor Mick Weltin, Inverness Presbyterian Church, Facebook @invernesspca


Email:    Call/Text: 443-515-7114


Pastor Mick has over 20 years Short Term Mission’s experience leading teams with MTW and more to Asia, Africa, Mexico, Caribbean, Miami, Baltimore and More. He’ll work with you to instill best practices for your team, trip and building on after.

MNA Multiply Video-The second half of this video features the work of Mission Baltimore, giving a clear picture of their vision, mission, and service opportunities through partnership!

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