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Longview Ranch, Mosheim, TN

Longview is a Camp & Retreat Center in the mountains of East Tennessee that partners with churches to share the love of Jesus through fun, friendship, and adventure. Our vision is changed lives for the longview of eternity. We value the Gospel (We tell the good news of Jesus.), Hospitality (We are here to serve.), and Integrity (We pursue what’s best.).


We help teams serve by providing the place, plans, and opportunities for mission work. Our Team will walk with you through the entire process.
Longview p
rovides your lodging, meals, meeting space, outdoor space, activities, transportation (if needed), and mission opportunities. We welcome teams of all ages and sizes (up to 200).


Mission Projects can be catered to your specific group and can include serving other churches in need, camps, homeless shelters, pregnancy centers, schools, the poor, refugees, Appalachian Trail hikers, evangelism, business seminars, leadership seminars, marriage seminars, men, women, family, work on homes and buildings, landscaping, gardening, helping widows, firewood ministry, children and youth ministries, nursing homes, children’s homes, foster homes, respite homes for those in ministry, and more. We customize each mission to your specific goals, interests, and abilities.


Longview Opportunities include serving ministries, churches, and people across East Tennessee. Projects are catered to your group. Areas of need: serve the poor, children's homes, construction, firewood ministry, pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, camps, churches, rehabilitation centers, evangelism, and more. Click links to download Promotional Brochure and Dailey Schedule.


Longview provides lodging in bunkbed style cabins for up to 150 and limited hotel style rooms. All your food is provided.


Each group is responsible for their own transportation.


Bring bedding for twin size bunkbeds unless staying in our hotel style lodging (call for further details). Other items needed are towels, toiletries, and outdoor clothing. In warm months you are welcome to swim in our pond or river. In cold months, be prepared for cold weather and snow. 


Tools - you are welcome to bring your own tools. We are able to provide limited tools as well.


Cost depends on number of nights plus project. Please see rate sheet for night/ meal cost. Projects can range from $35-$200 per person. For example, projects that are primarily physical labor are closer to $35. Projects that require renovating or rebuilding a home/building are closer to the $200 range which covers the cost of materials


Click link for detailed list of Guest Rates.


For further information, contact Camp Director, Matthew Nasekos at 423.636.0032 or email

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