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Prayer requests for communities impacted by Hurricane Florence

Mullins, SC- MNA Disaster Response mobile shower trailer and bunkhouse

In October 2016 I began working with Mullins Presbyterian Church in Mullins, SC. Their community, along with the smaller town of Nichols, suffered from devastating flood waters generated by Hurricane Matthew, displacing hundreds of families. It took almost two years but many families only recently completed the rebuilding process. Finally, the displaced could find their place again. Settling into "normal" life would bring much needed rest. Then it happened again but this time it was much worse. In two short years these families experienced two, thousand year floods and were displaced once again. MNA ShortTerm and Disaster Response is on the ground to help!  Yesterday I spoke with my friend, Rev. Jason Brewer, the pastor of Mullins Presbyterian Church. I wanted to know how WE might pray for him, his church, and the communities in his county. This is what Jason said: Please help. We need people to come and "gut and muck" out houses, to serve lunches to teams, etc... Please come and help. Pray for our words to be full of the hope of the Gospel

Pray that all things would point to Jesus.

Pray that those who don't know Jesus would come to know Him and that those that do know Him would be encouraged. This past Summer Mullins Presbyterian Church began Mission Mullins to serve those in need. Since the tobacco industry pulled out in the 90's unemployment escalated. Low wage, low skilled employment is mostly all that remains. Add several hurricanes to a depressed region and you have tremendous need. Mission Mullins is a word and deed ministry that seeks to meet physical needs while pointing to a greater hope found in the gospel. Please pray that God would use Hurricane Florence to advance the work of Mission Mullins. Pray for the families of Mullins Presbyterian Church who have experienced great loss yet seek to provide hope and help to their neighbors.   I will be putting teams together to travel to Mullins to help. The next trip will more than likely be in November. If you would like to go please let me know. If you would like to reach out to Jason you may email him at:

Thank you,

Curt Moore

MNA ShortTerm & Internship


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